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Online rocks Games

Plays: 979
Category: Adventure
Skating through the ice world escaping from trees,rocks,stumps and barrels. Collect the Hart to gain more points.
Play Space RocksSpace Rocks Game

Plays: 966
Category: Action
You are on a mission to mine asteroids for precious metals and crystals like platinum and diamonds. Use your heavy duty mining fighter to blast open the asteroids and retrieve the ore.
Play Flying KiwiFlying Kiwi Game

Plays: 934
Category: Adventure
Help kiwi to travel 5000 m and the test is done.Sounds easy? Think again .... There will be a lot of obstacles in your way , like rocks , other birds stuff like that , don't worry YOU will have some extra powers witch will help you get trough this.
Play Sniper RocksSniper Rocks Game

Plays: 903
Category: Shooting
Shoot asteroids to protect earth!
Play Park in the snowPark in the snow Game

Plays: 893
Category: Driving
Ever wanted to park in the snow ? Well now you have the chance. Its the season to get out your boots and shovel and head to the garage to dig the snow away from the entrance. If you love winter this is the game for you. Full of brilliant white and contrasting little details this game will give you the feeling of a realistic drive in the snow. But like real snow this white hides many threats to your car. You could slip on ice or hit a rock or just scratch your car on frozen and solidified snow. You need the skills of a pro to drive your car safely to the parking spot and park there effortlessly. You will need to get used to driving around this city roads and avoiding the snow since its full of hard ice and rocks ready to damage your car. So take your time and enjoy this one of a kind winter game.
Play Leo the LionLeo the Lion Game

Plays: 865
Category: Action
Leo is the happy lion who likes to run around the savanna. Keep the Leo happy and don't let the rocks and birds to disturb him.
Play Ivan In The Gnomes CaveIvan In The Gnomes Cave Game

Plays: 842
Category: Action
Ivan likes to travel very much! Especially in search of treasures! Today's travel brought him into the gnomes cave, full of gold coins... but it's not easy to get treasures of gnomes! Catch as much as possible gnome`s coins, controlling Ivan. For each caught coin You earn one point. For the lost coin - one penal point increases. Don't catch rocks! For each caught rock one penal point increases too. You can`t catch coins (and rocks) from top boards, when Ivan`s bucket is in bottom position. Penal points burn down through each 100 points. Game comes to the end, if 10 penal points are typed. Score is added if the game is over, or if you finish the game (turn button "STOP" on screen or key "ENTER").
Play Rocket FishRocket Fish Game

Plays: 842
Category: Action
Our Hero has built a rocket belt... strap it on to leave the pond and explore the world. High five your friends (The Red Crabs!) as you fly! Power up and fly at amazing speed when you eat a Fire Fly. Gather Shrimp Coins as you fly farther and farther from the pond! Watch out! Eagles, Tree's, Rocks and Shrubs will kill you (unless you're powered up or using bonus items!). Break the record and fly farther and farther to unlock even more items!
Play Trucks on fireTrucks on fire Game

Plays: 838
Category: Action
Be the best driver of the 'Trucks on rocks' game. Avoid the explosives and always stay on your unbreakable wheels. If you are a phenomenal driver you will prove everyone that you can win each 8 levels of the Trucks on rocks game. Don't waste your time, play the game and enjoy the power of your truck!
Play 3D Monster Truck AlilG3D Monster Truck AlilG Game

Plays: 819
Category: Action
Drive your monster truck over containers, rocks, houses, cars and try to hit the finish line to unlock levels.
Play Do Androsheep Dream of Electric Do Androsheep Dream of Electric 'Roids? Game

Plays: 799
Category: Action
Yes, yes they do! Use lasers to repel space rocks, defend civilians and escort VIPs!
Play Space Missile DefenseSpace Missile Defense Game

Plays: 783
Category: Action
The meteors are raining down on the planet and it is your job to shoot them out. Blast the missiles into the rushing rocks to protect mankind!
Play Mole Folk DrillDownMole Folk DrillDown Game

Plays: 772
Category: Puzzles
A clan of moles decides to put their best talent to good use and make money setting up a mining operation. Of course, mining takes time and licenses take money, but it all comes with time and hard work. See how far you can get, collect rocks, ores and gems and improve your workforce in this game about moles, minerals and motorized drills.
Play Selena Rocks The Stage MakeoverSelena Rocks The Stage Makeover Game

Plays: 711
Category: Customize
The Come and Get It singer is here to wow us once again, but today with a close up in the makeover process: a unique experience for all her real fans. First, the hair gets the attention, and the conditioner and invigorating masks are followed by the heat-protection spray.The skin cleansing is always carefully done with (only!) professional products, gently exfoliating and relaxing the skin, and then the dazzling make up is applied by professionals as well. When she steps on the stage wearing the fabulous costumes, she rocks it down with her fantastic voice and stunning presence! Totally Selena love!
Play Blocks on the RocksBlocks on the Rocks Game

Plays: 708
Category: Education
Fun and exciting puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours.
Play Popular Girl MakeoverPopular Girl Makeover Game

Plays: 677
Category: Customize
With her delightful beauty, she just rocks everyone’s world away! She simply rules the high-school, no doubt about it!! And how she does it? Well, there are many beautiful girls everywhere that we just don’t notice, but when it comes to her, it’s all in her attitude! She acts as if she’d be the queen of it all, so she becomes one! Oh, and the clothes she wears... As if she would be going to a party every single time she goes to classes, turning all the heads around!
Play Warzone DressUp GameWarzone DressUp Game Game

Plays: 639
Category: Puzzles
Even in the war women don't miss the glamour. Dress our heroine and let her ready to this war.
Play Hit the EnemyHit the Enemy Game

Plays: 634
Category: Action
throw rocks at the enemy
Play CavemanCaveman's Trouble Game

Plays: 629
Category: Adventure
Help the caveman to escape from this set of 20 levels of witty puzzles. Find the shortest path, avoid enemy bullets, move rocks and never, never walk over the same tile.
Play Golden IntuitionGolden Intuition Game

Plays: 610
Category: Action
Play a fun mini-game, how far can you get without falling or being override by the giant rocks

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