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Online pixel Games
Play Escape the room simulatorEscape the room simulator Game

Plays: 3538
Category: Action
The only way to win this game is to escape the room.
Play Find The PixelFind The Pixel Game

Plays: 3529
Category: Action
Click like a mad man to find the hidden pixel before your time runs out! The explosive particles effects are more than eye candy, they indicate your proximity to the pixel. Observe wisely! Now go forth and click hard!
Play A Growing Boa Needs His LunchA Growing Boa Needs His Lunch Game

Plays: 3518
Category: Action
Simply a take on the Nibbler concept. (Nibbler in turn is - of course - a Pac-Man influenced Snake/Blockade game.)
Play The Maze Game 2The Maze Game 2 Game

Plays: 3508
Category: Adventure
Steady hand is a must if you want to succeed in this maze. Small movements are needed with high precision and accuracy. By the start of the game you are given instructions to drag the pointer onto a green box. A big slanted yellow arrow will be pointing at it but will disappear at the instance the pointer is placed. The image is then replaced by an irregular shaped maze that is set on a black background. The mouse arrow changes into a hand pointer. The green box that you have dragged into will be the starting point of the maze. The gray maze is very simple at first, as you see a wide road to the end point. The green box will now be placed at that point. Your objective is to get to the end of the maze without having to touch any black areas of the maze. If you do, however, accidentally dragged the mouse outside the gray path, a single touch on the black pixel will finish the game and you will have to restart. The maze gets longer and narrower as your level increases. You will need to focus on the point of the finger because the hand itself will not be penalized if it goes out of bounds.
Play Overkill ApacheOverkill Apache Game

Plays: 3481
Category: Action
Overkill Apache is an action-packed, pixelated side-scrolling shoot em up.
Play AdrenalineAdrenaline Game

Plays: 3471
Category: Action
Go bullet crazy as you blast your way through tons of enemies!
Play Running MAN - 2Running MAN - 2 Game

Plays: 3454
Category: Action
Run across the deadly arena full of obstacles and monsters and collect as much coins as You can...
Play DigisporesDigispores Game

Plays: 3434
Category: Puzzles
Don't let any of the DIGISPORES touch you! Blast them all, and watch them explode. Things will get faster, and faster, and they never stop coming!
Play HollowHollow Game

Plays: 3431
Category: Action
An adventure platformer in which you play as a small white creature who has fallen down a deep pit into a cave and is trying to escape. Your character can run, jump, and dive into enemies to survive the plethora of obstacles in his path.
Play Final Ninja ZeroFinal Ninja Zero Game

Plays: 3420
Category: Action
Super-charged prequel to the ninja swinging series.
Play Jelly JamJelly Jam Game

Plays: 3400
Category: Action
Help that little jelly fish to make its way through the dangerous ocean! Collect treasures and avoid garbage, bombs, sharks and other obstacles and try to beat the high score!
Play Linx: Easy LevelsetLinx: Easy Levelset Game

Plays: 3385
Category: Puzzles
A unique logical game, where your objective is to connect all the same coloured bases with paths. The paths have a funky characteristic, that two paths of different colours cannot intersect. Add to it pits which can't hold paths on them, and you get a mixture of logical mayhem. This easier levelset can be considered a warm-up for some of the more tricky puzzles ahead. Practice well and learn the mechanics of linking those bases.
Play Dave Gets HighDave Gets High Game

Plays: 3366
Category: Action
Guide Dave as he tries to get high, bouncing on clouds and rainbows.
Play Galaxy Squad AlphaGalaxy Squad Alpha Game

Plays: 3359
Category: Action
The mad Doctor Zogg is building his near earth plasma cannon and you must stop him! Fly your ship through his armada and take down as many enemy combatants as possible. Use the left + right arrow keys to move your ship Spacebar to shoot. Be careful not to take enemy fire or collide into other spacecraft
Play MantraMantra Game

Plays: 3356
Category: Other
Help the 12 daughters of the king with their school assignment by speed growing their garden of flowers with your mantra.
Play Tiny AirshipsTiny Airships Game

Plays: 3355
Category: Action
Fast paced, gameboy themed, steampunkish, retro SHMUP. Features: + Fast paced shoot'em up gameplay + Adventure mode with 15 exciting levels taking place in three different sectors of Metrocadia + 3 challenging boss fights + 4 Primary Weapons, 4 Secondary Weapons and 4 Airships can be unlocked over the course of your escape +Survival Mode +12 Medals to unlock + Nostalgia inducing retro graphics
Play Ninja TrainingNinja Training Game

Plays: 3348
Category: Action
Your master sends you to his ultimate ninjutsu training, dodge the rocks and survive as long as you can!
Play Block destruction shooterBlock destruction shooter Game

Plays: 3342
Category: Action
Shoot all those cubes to beat the score
Play parachute S.O.S.parachute S.O.S. Game

Plays: 3341
Category: Action
Highly original retro inspired game with an extensive Mission Mode and Survival Score attack.

Plays: 3338
Category: Action
Description: Move the base around but watch out as the 3 connected swinging pixels don't hit a bad pixel.

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