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Play Stellar ConflictsStellar Conflicts Game

Plays: 3592
Category: Action
A real-time multiplayer flash game, where players pilot a space ship in a multiuser world. Ships are upgradable, with specials. You can purchase and sell Tradegoods, do missions, or just plain destroy other players. Play in a regular zone, or play in a death match where 2 teams fight it out to the end of thier base. Arrow Keys for movement, Control Fires guns, Space fires missiles (if purchased), F12 for in-game help and instructions.
Play Cannons of NightCannons of Night Game

Plays: 3578
Category: Shooting
The floating island of Night is under attack! Normally a peaceful colony, they have no choice but to defend themselves... use the Cannons to destroy all incoming enemies, and save the island of Night!
Play Smash and Dash 2: The Amazon JungleSmash and Dash 2: The Amazon Jungle Game

Plays: 3559
Category: Action
The ultimate in driving madness. Race through the treacherous Amazon Jungle while racing to beat the clock in this sequel to the smash hit Smash and Dash - all from the comfort of your air-conditioned Retro-cruiser. Add rockets, wings and gunge guns to race, fly and smash your way through the levels. Another great game bought to you by the team at DinoSawUs
Play Defend Your Temple 2Defend Your Temple 2 Game

Plays: 3557
Category: Shooting
Protect your temple, buy new guns and purchase upgrades while collecting shekels. Happy Hanukkah!
Play Bats Vampire ShooterBats Vampire Shooter Game

Plays: 3545
Category: Shooting
Shoot these vampire bats see how many you can kill add more to the screen and shoot them down
Play CamperWars Desert OpsCamperWars Desert Ops Game

Plays: 3534
Category: Action
Moving target practice. Make your way through eight levels shooting the targets as accurately as possible to gain experience points and earn extra weapons.
Play Top Flight TurtleTop Flight Turtle Game

Plays: 3523
Category: Action
In the future, turtles will have jetpacks! Maybe. Well, probably not, but if they did they'd have to patrol their turf with laser guns and bombs. Defend your pond as Top Flight Turtle!
Play Steel GrinderSteel Grinder Game

Plays: 3500
Category: Action
Defend the planet from waves of invaders. Kill all your enemies, pick up bonuses, upgrade your tank, unlock new types of guns to deal with the 8 end-level bosses throughout the game!
Play Soldier SurvivalSoldier Survival Game

Plays: 3500
Category: Action
You ejected from your aircraft in an emergency and landed behind enemy lines, now all you need to do is survive... as long as you can! Fight off soldiers with machetes and guns to stay alive!
Play PistolerosPistoleros Game

Plays: 3498
Category: Shooting
Pistoleros is a shooting game, shot the cans as fast as you can!
Play Alien SniperAlien Sniper Game

Plays: 3496
Category: Shooting
Use the laser gun crosshair to shoot as many aliens as you can
Play Tiny Strike BetaTiny Strike Beta Game

Plays: 3492
Category: Action
Tiny Strike is a real time multiplayer side scroller shooter. Its still in beta and we hope you enjoy the game!! This game uses hardware acceleration!
Play Match O Rama GunsMatch O Rama Guns Game

Plays: 3491
Category: BoardGame
How fast can you match the Guns?
Play sniper zombie outbreaksniper zombie outbreak Game

Plays: 3467
Category: Action
you are the last line of defense before the zombies escape from the facility. this is your duty, kill all the zombies even if it requires your live
Play Rat RaceRat Race Game

Plays: 3467
Category: Action
Defend your town from attacking rats.
Play Balls and GunsBalls and Guns Game

Plays: 3462
Category: Shooting
Balls and guns is a pretty simple game. You control a ball, you need to collect the bonuses while the guns around you shoot at you.
Play Heidi OneHeidi One Game

Plays: 3446
Category: Action
Clear all enemy activity to complete a level. Missing a checkpoint costs 100 gold. Shield upgrades become available when you have over 600 gold and fully restored shields. Stay clear of floating mines! Old fashioned retro game play based on a new concept. The game plays like asteroids with lots of new elements of game play added. You are set up with one fighter ship, armed with plasma guns and missiles. To clear a level you need to wipe out all opposition. For each enemy taken down you receive a power up, or gold. You'll also notice checkpoints popping up, missing one costs 100 gold. With gold you can buy missiles, and either restore or upgrade your shields. (the upgrade becomes available once you possess enough gold)
Play NeoniumNeonium Game

Plays: 3433
Category: Action
This is a game where you defend your tower from 40 waves of geometric shapes, ranging from a puny square to a missile firing octagon. There are 6 guns in total, plus huge sweeping laser available for purchase among many other upgrades.
Play Gunny DwoozGunny Dwooz Game

Plays: 3404
Category: Action
Gunny Dwooz is a funny cartoon shooting game. There are 10 levels with cool and funny targets, help the Dwooz to shoot them to reach the next level. Every level requires a different number you have to shoot. Shoot the ducks, cactusus, snails and other funny cartoonish characters. This is an awesome and funny shooter game. The Dwooz has two guns that he will fire on your command. This Dwooz character is the famous mascot of and is now featuring in his own game. Try to avoid the falling obstacles (like eggs etc) and score as many points as possible. Can you score more than 3500 points? Challenge your friends on facebook to play this game too! Try it, it's very funny!
Play Mad Taxi!Mad Taxi! Game

Plays: 3385
Category: Action
After the nuclear war ruthless criminals now run the streets of the city. Everyone is paid off except for one mad taxi driver!

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