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Online frog Games
Play FroxxisFroxxis Game

Plays: 520
Category: Puzzles
Do you remember the tale of the frog and the prince? Find out if it is true and make the little princess happy. - Click on at least 3 adjacent frogs of the same colour. - Click on at least 6 adjacent frogs to get a time bonus. - Click the owl to remove several random frogs per column. - Remove frogs of the same colour for 5 times one after another to get a new owl.
Play Mallet the Dirty FrogMallet the Dirty Frog Game

Plays: 517
Category: Other
Bang the hopping clawed filthy frog using the hammer before it hides itself inside the chuckhole and get exulted for increasing scores and funs.
Play Red frog and friends in the lake coloringRed frog and friends in the lake coloring Game

Plays: 513
Category: Customize
Red frog and friends in the lake coloring Game.
Play Fantasy Party Dress UpFantasy Party Dress Up Game

Plays: 502
Category: Customize
Get ready to become a beautiful princess and go to the best fantasy party ever! Girls, you are about to enter the wonderful world of fairytales and beautiful princesses and you can become one in just a few minutes. Amazing gowns, precious tiaras and mesmerizing princess accessories are just waiting for you. Just unleash all your princess fashion skills and prep yourselves for the party of the century!
Play The Frog AdventurerThe Frog Adventurer Game

Plays: 465
Category: Action
Help a little frog on its difficult journey through a magical land. Avoid the dangerous wizards, treacherous snakes and squirrels. Ride the water buffaloes to safety and have fun!
Play BoundlingBoundling Game

Plays: 447
Category: Action
Frustratingly Addictive Action! with 13 Sectors, and more Than 80 Bound Levels. Boundling is an action pattern-puzzle explosion bound adventure, packed with exciting levels, dangerous explosion patterns and tons of fun! How long will you survive in the hardest game ever?
Play FroggyFroggy Game

Plays: 438
Category: Action
Little Froggy the Green Tree Frog wants to reach the stars. Help him get there as he climbs up a never-ending vine, jumping from leaf to leaf and eating flies. Catch wasps and butterflies to help him on his way, but take care to avoid hawks. Winning additional challenges will give you bonus items and extra points - follow the instructions for each challenge in the side-bar. Enjoy.
Play battlewarsbattlewars Game

Plays: 431
Category: Action
An old style side scrolling beat'em up. Help Sack Head to rescue Princess Cream from the evil King Frog. An epic adventure where you have to fight, fly, run in a mix of game genres All arts and ideas from a child. Strongly inspired by beat'em up like castle crashers. Six Different worlds, weapons,items, Tons of enemies, Big Bosses and a Princess to save!
Play Frog and dragonflies coloringFrog and dragonflies coloring Game

Plays: 412
Category: Customize
Frog and dragonflies coloring Game.
Play Frog and friend in the lake coloringFrog and friend in the lake coloring Game

Plays: 400
Category: Customize
Frog and friend in the lake coloring Game.
Play Gray Treefrog Jigsaw PuzzleGray Treefrog Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Plays: 381
Category: Puzzles
If you just want to sit back and do something relaxing, or simply enjoy Jigsaw Puzzles, then this game is perfect for you. Piece together the gray tree frog and test your mental capabilities. The game has three different difficulty modes, each challenging and each sure to test your attention to detail.
Play FroggyFroggy Game

Plays: 343
Category: Action
Why did the frog cross the road? Prevent froggy from becoming another sad case in the world of spiralling road kill statistics. Guide him from one side of the highway to the other, then over the river. Avoid the hungry alligators, and use the turtles and logs as stepping stones! Get him and his friends all to the other side to become a frog saving hero! But more importantly to earn points!
Play Wow Escape the FrogWow Escape the Frog Game

Plays: 323
Category: Puzzles
Wow Escape the Frog is a type of point and click new escape game developed by A frog was trapped in a house which is between forest. Frog's family is trying to make the frog out but they can't. They need your help to escape the frog from there. Will you help them? Use your sharp minded to escape the frog from that house. Can you do it?Good Luck and Have Fun!
Play Frog and cat in the village coloringFrog and cat in the village coloring Game

Plays: 315
Category: Customize
Frog and cat in the village coloring Game.
Play Smart frog coloringSmart frog coloring Game

Plays: 292
Category: Customize
Smart frog coloring Game.
Play KvakvaparkKvakvapark Game

Plays: 283
Category: Adventure
You and the frogs Kulikvak and Kvakul?na race in sliding a toboggan. The goal of the game is to ride down all slides as quickly as possible and without any accidents.
Play Frog friends in the lake coloringFrog friends in the lake coloring Game

Plays: 273
Category: Customize
Frog friends in the lake coloring Game.
Play Frog coloringFrog coloring Game

Plays: 234
Category: Customize
Come and Color your own Frog with your own colors. Try some cool color

Plays: 13721
Category: Action
Kill blue cars because they are blue and evil and ofcourse to survive... and oh, the blue cars drops awesome power ups too... So theres no reason to not kill them!
Play FrogFlyFrogFly Game

Plays: 7518
Category: Puzzles
Help a Frog find his way to a Fly, in 50 challenging levels. FrogFly is a game where you control the movement of a Frog towards a Fly, through 50 levels of increasing difficulty. FrogFly also features these kinds of special objects: Ice tiles- They are slippery, and your Frog tends to go straight on out of your control. Fly Trap plants- The only possible cause of death for your Frog. A system of passwords allows you to resume the game at the level where you left it, once you know the name of a level, you can get back to it by writing its name in the Load Level text box.

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