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Online explosion Games
Play Bomber InvadersBomber Invaders Game

Plays: 1774
Category: Action
Destroy aliens, collect items and shoot the bombs to make a big carnage! 5 planets to discover, 55 levels, several weapons...
Play ImplosiveImplosive Game

Plays: 1753
Category: Action
Implode the bombs as they slowly decay, set off chain reactions and get your multiplier higher and higher! Win all the achivements and upgrade your capabilities until you get the high score! But be careful they don't decay too long, don't let them explode or it could spell disaster!
Play Polar FireworksPolar Fireworks Game

Plays: 1730
Category: Action
Penguin comes on a visit to his friends and take some fireworks. Help them to collect all these bubbles and have fun watching funny colorful fireworks explosions. Colorful match-3 bubbleshooter game with nice explosion effect.
Play BoundzBoundz Game

Plays: 1712
Category: Action
Guide your frog through action filled explosive traps. Why is he all the way up in space, and will he ever get back? One thing is for sure, hopping your way through danger has never been this fun!
Play Follow The LeaderFollow The Leader Game

Plays: 1700
Category: Action
Follow The Leader is a fighting game in memory of Cannon Fodder. 8 missions to defeat the Reasonable Revolution Concil which applies a blockade on the city of Moudlhab. Go - Let's stay focused!
Play Sentry blobsSentry blobs Game

Plays: 1699
Category: Action
You must survive as long as possible by slaying your ennemies before they kill you. Caution, your weapons could overheat!
Play Football ChainFootball Chain Game

Plays: 1699
Category: Puzzles
A chain reaction game, totally football themed. 20 levels, increasing difficulty: will you be able to beat all the levels ? Don't worry to try to finish all the levels in a single play...your progress are auto-saved every time you start a new level!
Play Volatile ThingsVolatile Things Game

Plays: 1670
Category: Action
Physical game in which you must move the nuclear node to the spatial teleporter safely.
Play Battle for Planet ZogranBattle for Planet Zogran Game

Plays: 1651
Category: Action
Main hero is a starship trooper on the enemy planet. He should pass through the underground, across the planet surface and the space station to complete his own mission.
Play Dodge And KillDodge And Kill Game

Plays: 1650
Category: Action
Great action game with a lot of action to offer. Fighter planes, jetpack, explosions, bazookas and what not.
Play BoundlingBoundling Game

Plays: 1622
Category: Action
Boundling is an incredibly challenging game, packed with exciting levels, dangerous explosion patterns and tons of fun! Circumvent the system or get splattered in this fast paced game of skill and reflexes. How long will you survive?
Play RobitzRobitz Game

Plays: 1606
Category: Action
Robitz have waged war against the humans! It is up to you to stop them by defeating their 3 Robit bosses! Blow up enemy Robitz and ride their explosions to gain height. Buy upgrades in between levels to improve your Robit killing efficiency! Reach and defeat the 3 Robit bosses!
Play Volatile AliensVolatile Aliens Game

Plays: 1596
Category: Action
Physical game in which you must move the alien node to the spatial teleporter safely.
Play Bois DBois D'Arc Game

Plays: 1567
Category: Action
Protect your tower from the hordes of evil forces. Choose one from three heroes that suite you the most and clash!
Play Harry and the SquaresHarry and the Squares Game

Plays: 1526
Category: Adventure
Harry and the Squares is a simple, but addictive game. Plain and simple, you eat squares! How many can you eat? Find out and play Harry and the Squares! Play "Easy Mode or Medium Mode" first to get use to controlling Harry. Then step up to Hard Mode to test your reaction time! Hard Mode is by far the most fun and it's addicting!! Have fun!!! This game is available for PC also! Email us @
Play BonBombsBonBombs Game

Plays: 1501
Category: Puzzles
BonBombs is an addictive leaderboard game in which you have to prove your skills in precision, patience and thinking ahead. Place an explosion in the right spot, at the right time to create a chain reaction to make as many bombs explode as possible. Complete as many levels as you can to get the topscore.
Play Breaker BreakerBreaker Breaker Game

Plays: 1475
Category: Puzzles
A game made by Sharmandra and David Rosen for the Project Eden contest. Chain together sets of awesome looking explosions in tune to the beat of the music to bring songs to life! This game can have a lot of action going on at once so if you have an older PC it’s recommended you lower the quality on the Options screen before playing.
Play GmazGmaz Game

Plays: 1472
Category: Action
Pop all the mathematical shapes in this cool chain-explosion game.
Play HIGHWay AssualtHIGHWay Assualt Game

Plays: 1452
Category: Action
You are a urban commando sent to stop a highway invasion. Defeat many enemies before they have a chance to cross the border.
Play Nuke TrainNuke Train Game

Plays: 1448
Category: Action
A shooter/tower defense hybrid built around action packed combat and tactical upgrading.

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