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Play Space BallSpace Ball Game

Plays: 1679
Category: Action
Protect the space ball, survive with bullets, and avoid the asteroids!
Play Moon nlo 2Moon nlo 2 Game

Plays: 1656
Category: Adventure
You play as a flying saucer that flies over the moon. The game consists of a maze. What would be opened on the next level you need to activate the antenna. The game has a lunar enemies and bonuses, ammo and energy.
Play Vampire JetpackVampire Jetpack Game

Plays: 1652
Category: Action
The Vampire Jetpack runs on the energy of the person riding in it. Pick up new riders to replenish your energy. This will also allow your riders to fight the alien invasion.
Play NaturyonNaturyon Game

Plays: 1641
Category: Puzzles
Well, well, you are going to recreate life using a colorful source of energy. You want to put 3 blocks in a row or next to each other to produce a new element. Sometimes, it does not work the way it should because it is just alchemy. As you are provoking chain reactions, you can get bonuses. Your score depends on the value of the elements you have created. Oh, and you lose once your pile goes past the top line.
Play Teddy Bears In LoveTeddy Bears In Love Game

Plays: 1603
Category: Action
Cute Teddy Bears need more love energy to kiss! Help them, fill the hearts by shooting with Cupid's arrows. There 24 interesting and interactive levels filled up with hearts and other objects, which will help you to fill all hearts with love energy.
Play StrangersStrangers Game

Plays: 1589
Category: Shooting
Robots capture the planet! Do not allow strangers to attack the online home planet! In this game you have to destroy the "alien". Control the robot and watch them in order to reserve his energy is not exhausted! But do not forget that this is just a game ....
Play Soup CookingSoup Cooking Game

Plays: 1570
Category: Other
A good vegetable soup is what you may want to eat, if you want to be sure that you will have the energy to play and have fun all day. So in this cooking game you are going to find out how to make a delicious vegetable soup. Enjoy!
Play SnaketronicSnaketronic Game

Plays: 1556
Category: Adventure
Snaketronic is a 3D flash game where you control a snake shaped vehicle, whose aim is to collect all the energy balls. Avoid falling through gaps, getting hit by energy beams, and crashing into structures or the snake will be destroyed. You’ve 3 lives on each level. If you lose them all, you can retry the level from the start with another 3 lives. The camera can be controlled with PgUp and PgDown to set the height, Insert and Del to move around, Home to reset and End to change mode.
Play Jet BunnyJet Bunny Game

Plays: 1482
Category: Action
Help the bunny catch all the sweets in order to obtain energy and fly to the stars!
Play Spatial car aventureSpatial car aventure Game

Plays: 1453
Category: Adventure
Join the spatial car adventure as you embark on a speedy quest across the universe. Reach the finish line in record time and complete level after level in your funky red car. Gather energy points to improve the status and overall health of your car, avoid obstacles and make sure you keep your car as safe as possible. Spatial car adventure games are adrenaline pumping adventures meant to show you a good time as well as to give you a driver's test. Meteorites as well as other unidentified objects might randomly fall from the skies, so be careful and get out of their way. In all five levels of the spatial car adventure game, you will have plenty of opportunities to prove yourself, setting new records and getting the champion's title as well.
Play Brenda Waterfall JumpBrenda Waterfall Jump Game

Plays: 1438
Category: Customize
Brenda is very adventure and sportive girl. She likes to be challenged and to try new things all the time. Her new challenge is to make her way down the waterfall with her friends. She will need your help for this. You need to guide her how far to jump and help her collect as many shape symbols as she finds, jumping from rock to rock. Make sure she doesn't fall otherwise she' ll loose each time one energy bead. Have fun!
Play FlameyFlamey Game

Plays: 1438
Category: Adventure
You play as Flamey, a ball of fire that is in search of a source of energy while trying desperately to stay lit. Jump, Fly, and Dodge in this crazy adventure.
Play Ultraman Acrobat BallUltraman Acrobat Ball Game

Plays: 1425
Category: Other
Ultraman needs to eat fruits to increase energy. Can you help him eat all the fruits by using ball?
Play One Piece Ultimate Fight v1.0One Piece Ultimate Fight v1.0 Game

Plays: 1398
Category: Action
Luffy is updated in this edition. You can choose Luffy first, and then press J+K to transform when energy is full.
Play Alien TruckAlien Truck Game

Plays: 1398
Category: Action
See if you have what it takes to be an Alien Truck driver. This Alien planet is filled with radio active stones and these little aliens are trying to get enough stones to make energy at their plant.
Play Tower of ShadowsTower of Shadows Game

Plays: 1376
Category: Action
Protect the princess from the evil forces. Shoot energy balls with your gauntlet of light, unlock amazing new powers and face the final boss in an epic battle for the fate of the universe
Play Droid LandDroid Land Game

Plays: 1366
Category: Adventure
In a robot world, an inventor attempts to create the first organic life specimen ever by using a mysterious dark energy trapped at the core of the planet. Will his plan succeed? Help him and find the answer!
Play SparkySparky Game

Plays: 1362
Category: Adventure
Sparky is just another joule of energy in the world, moving around from place to place and helping to power this gizmo or that gyro. All he wants is to do his job, but unfortunately there are a lot of obstacles that are getting in his way. This is where the player comes in, using their cognitive skills and lightning-fast reflexes to guide Sparky along numerous pathways, conduits and other structures in order to get Sparky to his goal. Along the way, Sparky will get help in the form of bombs and other devices which will clear blocked pathways, remove otherwise impassable obstacles and open up space for Sparky to progress forward. Will you help Sparky get to his destination, or will you let his spark fizzle out?
Play Collapsed Navy School: SECollapsed Navy School: SE Game

Plays: 1252
Category: Adventure
Explore dark abandoned building, activate energy spheres and find ghostly amulets in order to open door to nowhere...
Play Vacation GirlVacation Girl Game

Plays: 1226
Category: Dress-Up
Kathy is taking advantage of this last month of winter to escape the cold, and went on a holiday in the islands of Bahamas. She happily packed her luggage in one day and took two planes and a boat to get there. You can imagine how tiring the trip was, but she has arrived and quickly accommodated in her room, at a nice hotel. Kathy planned to sleep as long as she can in the first two days, because she needs to recover her energy. But this morning Kathy woke up, and decided to spend all day lying on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Come and dress her up with a fashionable outfit and some cute accessories, because there are many cute guys on the beach, and maybe one of them will ask her out!

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