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Online asteroids Games
Play The phoenix projectThe phoenix project Game

Plays: 2543
Category: Action
Destroy asteroids to collect minerals. Upgrade your ship to survive 20 wave of enemy ships. Enemy carriers continue to build armored cruisers so shut them down quickly. Warning one hit will kill you. no shields, no armor, no life bar. The good news, your carrier can rebuild you for a price. The more upgraded your ship the more expensive death becomes.
Play Asteroids Revenge 3Asteroids Revenge 3 Game

Plays: 2541
Category: Action
Humans are attempting to destroy all asteroids! Can you save yourself and all of asteroid-kind?
Play Planet DefensePlanet Defense Game

Plays: 2533
Category: Shooting
In this game you need to protect helpless Earth from giant asteroids and devastating comets using automatic turrets. The gameplay of this game is simple. You’ve got to purchase turrets and drop them on the orbit, aiming at the advancing space bodies. If you destroy an asteroid or comet then you earn some money to buy more powerful defensive weapons. If Earth is destroyed then your game is over.
Play AsteroidsAsteroids Game

Plays: 2526
Category: Action
Classic asteroids with colors and graphic. Asteroids are to be destroyed and avoided. Look for weapon power ups and see how far you can come.
Play AuroraAurora Game

Plays: 2510
Category: Action
Dodge asteroids in this space themed reaction game. You must keep your health from running out by creating asteroids with the catch being that those asteroids must then be avoided, all the while you, the player must collect stars to level up as quickly as possible.
Play SpacePixelSpacePixel Game

Plays: 2508
Category: Action
Simple pixel shooter. Shoot the blocks and keep them from touching the white line(located under player)! You have a barricade, but it's only going to last you so long! 20 "stages" in which the bricks speed up.
Play RoidzRoidz Game

Plays: 2507
Category: Action
Do you have a problem with roidz? Then call Grizzle's Astroid Removal and Intergalactic Landscaping Service! An homage to the classic arcade game Astroids, Roidz delivers the same heart pounding, addictive action, with a slick face-lift and awesome new features. In Roidz you can earn cash, upgrade your ship and maybe even blow away a few UFO's lurking in that asteroid field...
Play AceroidsAceroids Game

Plays: 2501
Category: Action
Ace the Super Villain's Remake of Asteroids. In addition to the standard roid busting, you must also collect gold and dodge the local wildlife. Up/Down = Thrust Right/Left = Turn Space = Shoot
Play Asteroid DodgeAsteroid Dodge Game

Plays: 2485
Category: Action
Save the planet by using the mouse to direct the planet and dodge the asteroids.
Play INP: Episode ZeroINP: Episode Zero Game

Plays: 2484
Category: Action
Escape the invading aliens through the asteroids to safety on New Earth.
Play SmashCrashTeroidsSmashCrashTeroids Game

Plays: 2465
Category: Shooting
SmashCrashTeriods is a fantastically fun 2D space shooter. You have an array of weapons and powerups including your "smash-crash shield" to obliterate anything that gets in your way. You and your friends will love SmashCrashTeriods, you will want to marry it.

Plays: 2441
Category: Shooting
A Retro tribute arcade shoot-em-up. Try to complete all 8 levels and gain access to unlockable ships. Use the 'Mining' mode to get onto the leaderboard. Bonus power-ups include invincibility, extra lives, auto-weapons, an R-type style beam weapon, and a Tron-style lazerline unit that destroys anything in it's path.
Play Theta RaceTheta Race Game

Plays: 2439
Category: Action
Theta Race - Battle wave upon wave of Drones and Battle Droids in your quest to prove your worthiness as a Theta Defender!
Play Cat Astro PhiCat Astro Phi Game

Plays: 2429
Category: Action
An unfortunate accident leaves your pet cat stranded. Explore and battle your way through three hostile alien planets. Each with their own puzzles, traps and inhabitants to encounter. Created in the style of Gameboy Classic game work your way through three planets, with interactive story sequences between them, as you explore the levels, react to the environment, solve puzzles, hack lazer walls, explode bombs, avoid sentry guns and blow stuff up! All while searching for their missing pet cat.
Play Astro LanderAstro Lander Game

Plays: 2423
Category: Action
The Goal of the game is to land on the Platform gently without crashing. Don't hit any asteroids or you lose a life, the same goes for if not landing on the Platform soft enough or flying too far off the stage/level. Added difficulty settings and more info for display to help gamer when landing.
Play Blowing Pixels: Planet DefenderBlowing Pixels: Planet Defender Game

Plays: 2421
Category: Shooting
Blowing Pixels: Planet Defender is an arcade shooter that's strong on strategy with a retro soul, featuring stunning explosions and great effects. The player has to defend his planet from asteroids, ufos and alien bombs falling from the deep space. GAME FEATURES: - stunning explosions - 3 difficulty levels - 3 planets - 15 waves of enemies - 26 different enemies - upgrades - powerups - 2 music tracks The game has been developed by Lowpoly Studios and sponsored by
Play Are those asteroids?Are those asteroids? Game

Plays: 2412
Category: Shooting
Destroy the asteroids to get the highest score possible.
Play Baff in spaceBaff in space Game

Plays: 2395
Category: Action
Help Baff to dodge the incoming asteroids. Get into Blue-Zones to collect points! Two playmodes available: Arcade and Sudden-Death where every wrong move ends the game.
Play Spacetacular VoyageSpacetacular Voyage Game

Plays: 2392
Category: Action
Work your way through some of the roughest asteroid fields around. Don't let the asteroids push your ship off the screen! See if you can defeat all 10 levels and unlock expert mode!
Play Fasteroidz 4Fasteroidz 4 Game

Plays: 2391
Category: Action
Fight your way through more asteroids to stop them from destroying earth. Iron asteroid will stop all attacks and block your way while the enlargement powerup will help you against the odds.

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