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Play Dino Panic RunDino Panic Run Game

Plays: 4886
Category: Action
Run 3 dinosaurs through jurrasic jungle as long as possible. Avoid or destroy obstacles and unlock achievements!
Play Clicky BlocksClicky Blocks Game

Plays: 4869
Category: Puzzles
Clear the board or face the consequence!
Play ClickaphyClickaphy Game

Plays: 4867
Category: Other
Clickaphy tests the player's clicking reflexes to the limit!
Play SharkShark Game

Plays: 4752
Category: Action
Shark is a very fun and addicting version of that classic snake game made popular by the nokia cellular phones. This game features some great graphics and a Shark who grows larger by eating fish and seals. As you grow larger you need to try and not run in to your own self or the walls or it's game over. Can you master this Shark game? There are multiple skill levels to keep you challenged.
Play Black Sea TreasureBlack Sea Treasure Game

Plays: 4750
Category: BoardGame
Collect coins and match sea items in this extremely addicting and fun match three game! Match three objects to remove them. Match four to get a silver coin. Match five to get a gold coin. Press the button under the hourglass to get additional time. Each portion of time will cost you one gold or two silver coins.
Play TowerburgTowerburg Game

Plays: 4719
Category: Adventure
Go forth and start building Towerburg using your keen sense of timing. Stack building blocks one after the other as the crane sways back and forth. The higher you go, the more points you will score, and if you release the block at just the right time, you'll get a stacking bonus! Protect your settlement from threats such as floods, volcanic eruptions and enemy attacks in 30 action-packed levels. With an endless Challenge mode, unlockable achievements, and upbeat medieval music, Towerburg will have you hooked for hours!
Play GloomGloom Game

Plays: 4718
Category: Action
Looks like someone didn't take their happy pills this morning. Try to survive for as long as possible in this hectic, fast-paced shooter!
Play Money SlugsMoney Slugs Game

Plays: 4709
Category: BoardGame
Buy salt and strawberries for your ice cream slug and profit big from the ice cream he makes. Invest in the items you think will go up in price, but make sure to buy beer for all of your slugs or else they die. Just cross your fingers that none of your slugs become turd slugs or zombie slugs.
Play RepliCatRepliCat Game

Plays: 4703
Category: Action
Avoid your past with your space ship while Time and Space are linked together!
Play LL GolfLL Golf Game

Plays: 4689
Category: Sports
Become a master of mini golf in this simple, yet addicting golf game!
Play X-MissileX-Missile Game

Plays: 4654
Category: Shooting
Mouse based puzzle game. Lead homing missiles to the targets and destroy them.
Play Cake UnbalanceCake Unbalance Game

Plays: 4609
Category: Action
Play this addicting item stack game with 10 levels total
Play Floors Escape 3Floors Escape 3 Game

Plays: 4596
Category: Adventure
Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles! You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory. Keep the Floors Escape app, so we can notify you of new floors. ? Addicting mini puzzles! ? Gorgeous graphics and different themed floors! ? Constant updates of New Floors for Android!
Play Nyan Bin LadenNyan Bin Laden Game

Plays: 4587
Category: Action
Control your "Nyan Bin Laden". Avoid rocekts in space
Play Control The CopterControl The Copter Game

Plays: 4587
Category: Adventure
Drive the helicopter to cover 6 maps. Simple but addicting and challenging.
Play Kick The EarthKick The Earth Game

Plays: 4579
Category: Strategy
Play God as you Kick The Earth in this fun, addicting, challenging game "Kick The Earth".
Play LaserJolt - Sudden AttackLaserJolt - Sudden Attack Game

Plays: 4575
Category: Adventure
A very dangerous laser system failed in space. An Unexpected Attack. Your Mission is to control the Space Craft From the these lasers that have been sent out. Defend your ship. The Ship is not packed with alot of fighting equipment because it was sent on a machine to find life on space but it has the ability to destroy everything around its radius in 1 shot and a shield to protect itself from asteriods. Can you survive?
Play DonDon't Drop The Bling Game

Plays: 4560
Category: Other
Don't Drop The Bling is a fun and addicting keep ups game featuring a golden medallion dollar sign with diamonds.
Play Star MonopolyStar Monopoly Game

Plays: 4542
Category: Action
Here you find a possibility to reveal all your logic and capacity for analytical estimation. you may take it as a possibility to train yourself before entering the world of commerce - create and expand finance corporations, sell and buy shares, carry out merges and try all the chances that you are provided with by this broker's board. Or if you feel to have little in common with the cruel world of finance wheeler-dealers, you may take it as just a funny game that needs some puzzling over but gives you a lot in response.
Play Outrun The Blue MobOutrun The Blue Mob Game

Plays: 4484
Category: Action
An adaptation of snake where the player is pitted against a mob of blue adversaries. He must use his quick thinking to outrun the blue mob in his quest to collect the mysterious red squares.

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