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Play BalloonsToonBalloonsToon Game

Plays: 99027
Category: Action
Collect missiles, blaze bomb in right time and in right place and use mega blaster to knock out all balloons.
Play Maximum ToyBoyMaximum ToyBoy Game

Plays: 25122
Category: Adventure
Life's too short/To get caught/treating people as mere game
Play MAXMAX Game

Plays: 17227
Category: Adventure
The Game of Love
Play SudokuToonSudokuToon Game

Plays: 17106
Category: Puzzles
Play this cartoon version of sudoku with millions of random sudokus, funny graphics, 3 difficulties and 2 game modes (Relax mode and Time Rush)!
Play Maximum BandMaximum Band Game

Plays: 9544
Category: Adventure
Can't sing? Can't play? Can't dance? Can YOU take a bunch of talentless losers and somehow fudge together an entertaining product out of them? Play Maximum Band and see if you've got what it takes to take this band of bothers to the toppermost of the poppermost. And remember: it's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock'n'roll.
Play Chicken CoopChicken Coop Game

Plays: 9230
Category: Puzzles
How many eggs can you get in the basket?
Play Funny FrogFunny Frog Game

Plays: 6946
Category: Puzzles
How many bugs can you eat?
Play Toon ZombiesToon Zombies Game

Plays: 5099
Category: Action
Shoot the zombies, pumpkins and ghosts. Collect the parachutes.
Play The AuditionThe Audition Game

Plays: 5084
Category: Adventure
This is Webisode 2 of the webtoon Maximum Band. You gotta make the right moves and plays as band manager to get this band to the Number One Webisode. It's a tongue in cheek RPG. A sitcom game..
Play Good GigGood Gig Game

Plays: 4365
Category: Adventure
There are good gigs and there are bad gigs. This one's a good gig. No really it is.
Play Merry Christmas BallsMerry Christmas Balls Game

Plays: 3880
Category: Action
Just another Balloons-style game for Christmas.
Play Aaaargh! 2Aaaargh! 2 Game

Plays: 3721
Category: Adventure
It's really rather spooky, but also rather kooky, and you might get some nooky On Horror hallo... Aaaagh! two. Bless you.
Play Chase CaseChase Case Game

Plays: 3660
Category: Puzzles
Fun board game with cops, thief, robberies and chase! Toon-style graphics and good AI. You’re gonna like it!
Play Aaaargh! 1Aaaargh! 1 Game

Plays: 3635
Category: Adventure
Halloween Hammer Horror, scream with fear and laughter. Lightning, lightning,very very frightening, if it's trick or treats you're after.
Play Run Dwooz Run!Run Dwooz Run! Game

Plays: 2618
Category: Action
Run Dwooz Run is a funny game, you have to change the color of the Dwooz based on the portals which will appear when he is running. You must match the color to that portal to successfully pass through. You will loose a life if you hit a wall, or if you pass a portal without the correct color. This funny Dwooz character is the popular mascot of which is now featured in his own game. You can slow down time in this game, the surroundings will slow down. You can activate this by pressing the left mouse button. You can collect items in this game by throwing balls at it using the W key. The Dwooz will keep running faster and faster. Well go ahead and play this funny game full of action!
Play GigGig Game

Plays: 2616
Category: Adventure
Gig: Find a venue for your first gig. Make the right choice. It's important.
Play Unfair FunfairUnfair Funfair Game

Plays: 2323
Category: Adventure
It's unfair unfair, but very good funfair.
Play Crazy WheelsCrazy Wheels Game

Plays: 1265
Category: Action
Crazy Wheels is a mad racing game with tons of features. Modify your car in the garage and pick a race. Earn money for upgrades and better cars by finishing as one of the first three drivers. Enjoy 10 different tracks, 11 cars each with upgrades, 4 different weapons and 10 special tracks in this crazy online driving arcade game.
Play BlueBlox 2BlueBlox 2 Game

Plays: 1009
Category: Puzzles
Awesome physics puzzle with 30 challenging levels !

Plays: 829
Category: Adventure
A Big Fat Dolphin is on the hunt for new fish. Help by controlling him through the large expanses of the ocean and show him the way to new fish. But beware, it's fish migration time and you're not alone. Along the way you will surley find a few bubbles, collect them, because they contain useful powerups. Your dolphin have 5 lives at the beginning. Each eaten fish gives you points for your score to buy upgrades after a round. Your travelled distance is important, you get each 10.000 a higher score multiplier and you can submit your best distance to the leaderboard.

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