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Online meteors Games
Play WhipixWhipix Game

Plays: 6219
Category: Other
Save your planet with gravity as a whip...Addicting real-time game with heavenly bodies + a glowing orb, try to hit a combo!

Plays: 2735
Category: Puzzles
The longer the invaders dance the more meteors fall to earth.
Play Galaxian PimentonGalaxian Pimenton Game

Plays: 12108
Category: Shooting
Galaxian pimenton is selected for this critical mission. This duty is planned to protect your colonie from other. Upcoming meteors are dangerous and avoid getting hit by them as well. Laser guns and battle tools will help you.
Play Wait 4 MeWait 4 Me Game

Plays: 7885
Category: Action
The final flight is within your reach. Run as fast as you can and avoid incoming meteors. Collect as many relief goods as possible.
Play BlobieBlobie Game

Plays: 7437
Category: Action
Blobie is an interactive space shooter twist. Instead of shooting things, you simply run into them... with the Sun! You play as a god in charge of saving Earth's star, the Sun. To do this, you must continually crash the Sun into random matter floating about outer space to make it grow! Watch out though, as not all matter is created equally... some might be your downfall.
Play Galaxy QuestGalaxy Quest Game

Plays: 6116
Category: Action
GalaxyQuest is a simple dodge-rocks and get-jewels sort of game. Use the arrow keys to move your spaceship up and down, left and right. Try to collect the jewels, and dodge the rocks. In addition, you must also collect fuel cans to increase ship fuel, and collect hammers to reduce ship damage. Each jewel you collect will increase your score by 1 point, but coliding with the large rocks will damage your ship by 1.5 points, medium sized rocks will damage your ship by 1 point, and small rocks by 0.5 points. The speed of the game will increase every 25 points. The game will end either when you have no fuel, or your ship damage reaches 10.
Play Project MongooseProject Mongoose Game

Plays: 6033
Category: Action
Jump over and under falling meteors to get as far as you can in the action-packed adventure mode and compete for highscores! Or thrill your mind as you complete all the levels in puzzle mode.
Play Meteor StormMeteor Storm Game

Plays: 5553
Category: Shooting
Oncoming meteors are threatening your space ship. Destroy them before they hit you.
Play Meteor BomberMeteor Bomber Game

Plays: 5461
Category: Action
It's doomsday! Mount a jetpack and intercept the meteors hurdling towards the city below!
Play Meteor MayhemMeteor Mayhem Game

Plays: 4921
Category: Action
Meteors are raining down on Earth and it's up to you to stop them. A fast paced remake of the retro classic Missile Command with a twist. Use your speed and timing to explode bombs and destroy the meteors before they destroy you.
Play JuiceJuice Game

Plays: 4652
Category: Action
Avoid meteors by using your cloaking shields to survive the longest.
Play GalactaGemsGalactaGems Game

Plays: 4643
Category: Action
Fly your spaceship through your galaxy, dodging missiles and meteors, while collecting your lost GalactaGems, in this original arcade style game. Compete for high scores!
Play 16c1 Defender16c1 Defender Game

Plays: 3699
Category: Shooting
Your goal is to destroy or push away the falling ice meteors. As you progress through the game you will gain points and unlock new abilities.
Play MeteorsMeteors Game

Plays: 3542
Category: Action
You must survive in the space. Use your weapons to destroy incoming meteors.
Play Star Team - X-30Star Team - X-30 Game

Plays: 3419
Category: Driving
Join the Star Team Academy and learn to pilot the X-30 Spacecraft. Avoid the meteors and fly through the energy rings!
Play Meteor MadnessMeteor Madness Game

Plays: 3204
Category: Action
Destroy as many meteors as you can....if you can.
Play MeteorMeteor Game

Plays: 3112
Category: Action
You must defend moon base alpha from 5 waves of meteors that are heading to the moon! Use the mouse to aim and click to fire your gun. Lose all 3 of your domes and it’s game over. Shoot the satellites and ufo for extra points, and getting a chain reaction will boost your score significantly.
Play Damn RocksDamn Rocks Game

Plays: 2948
Category: Action
A simple avoider game. Avoid the incoming rocks!
Play Asteroids Treasure HuntAsteroids Treasure Hunt Game

Plays: 2795
Category: Action
Dodge the meteors and collect space treasure in this fun arcade game inspire by Asteroids.
Play FlatSpaceFlatSpace Game

Plays: 2783
Category: Shooting
Fight your way through 10 levels of flat space chaos.

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