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Online harmony Games
Play loops of zenloops of zen Game

Plays: 17763
Category: Puzzles
This puzzle game is about harmony. Solve the entagled loops until perfect harmony is reached.
Play Turtix HDTurtix HD Game

Plays: 10522
Category: Adventure
Turtix didn't know what would happen when he tried casting a powerful spell without the supervision of his teacher. When he lost control of the magic and it shattered an amulet that maintained peace and harmony throughout his world, he thought the worst had happened. Then he learned dark forces had invaded five islands and kidnapped all of the young turtles from the School of Magic! Determined to set things right, the brave and commendable Turtix set out to rescue his friends and collect the scattered pieces of the amulet. But he needs your help. You'll guide Turtix through beautiful game worlds bursting with visual detail. Throughout your journey, you'll encounter new enemies and overcome them with brains and agility. And you'll execute dazzling double-jumps as you collect gems and search for young turtles. Don't let this charming side-scrolling adventure pass you by! Full version features Five worlds to conquer Dozens of enemies to defeat Easy, Normal and Hard modes Simple, responsive controls Joystick support! Gorgeous, detailed worlds Gameplay that's appropriate for all ages!
Play Present HarmonyPresent Harmony Game

Plays: 9117
Category: Action
A switching line game with two coloured gifts.
Play Jake & Neytiri in Perfect HarmonyJake & Neytiri in Perfect Harmony Game

Plays: 6381
Category: Other
Jake & Neytiri have chosen each other, now they need to seal the deal!
Play La Ruta del RaidLa Ruta del Raid Game

Plays: 6062
Category: Puzzles
"La Ruta del Raid" is a new spot the differences game from Wild Harmony Studio. Enjoy the beautiful images of this horse endurance race, also known as raid.
Play Mermaid KingdomMermaid Kingdom Game

Plays: 5528
Category: Customize
This lucky scuba diver got separated from his group, and accidentally discovered an underwater kingdom overflowing with fish and sharks living in harmony. Then it got weird! He saw something shining and thought it was gold, but it turned out to be a real life mermaid in the water. Help the diver recreate what he saw during his trip.
Play Weed WizardWeed Wizard Game

Plays: 4916
Category: Other
A wizard smoking a bong riding a dragon made of the bong smoke. Help the wizard collect weed in the glory of night. The dragon disappears over time and is made stronger and more tangible by collecting weed leaves, and conversely weaker by smacking into the food flying against you.
Play Wild RiskWild Risk Game

Plays: 4659
Category: Puzzles
If you want to be the best you must take a Wild Risk. Compete with players from all over the world!
Play BeatSpaceBeatSpace Game

Plays: 4449
Category: Action
Beat Space is a music shooter where you must save the harmony of the cosmos! You command a spacecraft that travels to the 7th dimension through wormholes and retrieve harmony orbs that must be realigned to restore the music of the universe. The evil followers of dissonance will attempt to stop you so you must blast them into non-existence for the greater good. Good luck and God speed space hero!
Play Perfect Balance: Harmony EditorPerfect Balance: Harmony Editor Game

Plays: 3727
Category: Puzzles
Create and play your own Perfect Balance: Harmony levels using this editor! Send us your best levels and we’ll create a level pack, or add your level to Perfect Balance: Harmony iPhone & iPod Touch!
Play PacmaFightPacmaFight Game

Plays: 3574
Category: Action
Discover the martial arts secrets of pacmaninja! Facing an against-all-odds fight against a merciless clan of ghosts, you must save our flourishing country from the wily villain, preserving world harmony!
Play Match 3 HarmonyMatch 3 Harmony Game

Plays: 3305
Category: Puzzles
A "Bejeweled" like game with new chain system, 2 modes. Move quickly or fail.
Play Blobs Of ZenBlobs Of Zen Game

Plays: 3104
Category: Puzzles
Restore perfect Harmony! Puzzle your way through 16 always refreshed levels. Enjoy, Dr. Arend Hintze
Play Wild EvaderWild Evader Game

Plays: 3047
Category: Action
You are a "wild evader"! Your amazing skill to evade your enemies is your only weapon to survive a lot of different levels of pure action.
Play Always in HarmonyAlways in Harmony Game

Plays: 2659
Category: Dress-Up
This cute choir singer has been in the church choir for years. She learned how to exercise her voice around veteran choir members, and they've helped find her leading roles in the hymns at church until she's old enough to try out for the local high school bands!
Play Mysterious Forest FairyMysterious Forest Fairy Game

Plays: 2553
Category: Dress-Up
Enter the mysterious forest, a place where you can find a lot of magical creatures like unicorns, fairies, pixies, centaurs and elves. They are living in peace and harmony, sharing what they have and helping each other in times of need. Meet Aria, a beautiful fairy who loves fashion and who adapted her wardrobe to the latest trends. Help her find a cute costume and after that style her hair too. In the end, check out her lovely accessories. Enjoy the mysterious forest and dressing up Aria!
Play Bonkers Conkers 2Bonkers Conkers 2 Game

Plays: 2240
Category: Action
The Bonkers Conkers are back! After removing the greedy squirrels from Nuttingham forest in Part 1, Harmony was restored once again…Unfortunately One dark day, a new enemy arrived along with their metal monsters and axes. The lumberjacks began to cut and burn Nuttingham Forest down to the ground! Armed with your trusty slingshot and an army of Conkers you must sling, parachute, and explode your way through 20 puzzling levels in a world of physics and fun! New lumberjack enemies, buzz-saws, fans and turbo boosts make Bonkers 2 a brand new player experience!
Play Yin Yang Puppy and Kitty Coloring GameYin Yang Puppy and Kitty Coloring Game Game

Plays: 2021
Category: Customize
Color up the lovely scenes of a puppy and kitty playing in harmony.
Play Bouncing Balls 3 - Bubu Get Nuts!Bouncing Balls 3 - Bubu Get Nuts! Game

Plays: 1839
Category: Action
Bouncing Balls is back! Somebody stole all the stars from the sky! Hit all the pink circles to release the stars and bring back the harmony in the skies!
Play Harmony with Nature DressupHarmony with Nature Dressup Game

Plays: 1227
Category: Customize
???????? Harmony with Nature Dressup? ?????,??,?????????????????????,?????????

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