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Play May Cause Seizures 4May Cause Seizures 4 Game

Plays: 18410
Category: Other
A visually stimulating test of your observational skills. A nice little psychedelic deviation from generic flash games.
Play Dope DealerDope Dealer Game

Plays: 25901
Category: Other
Use your mind and your luck to make money! You must to sell and buy drugs at different prices to get profit! Play with your mouse and go in other citys to sell the drugs!
Play Law & Order: Criminal IntentLaw & Order: Criminal Intent Game

Plays: 112570
Category: Adventure
In Law & Order: Criminal Intent, a man is found floating in the East River. The police need to find out who he is and what happened to him. As Detective Robert Goren, uncover a trail of drugs, corruption, and revenge to find out who wanted the victim dead. Survey the murder scene, use psychological tactics to interrogate witnesses, collect evidence and run tests, and solve challenging puzzles in order to arrest the perp.
Play High Speed PursuitHigh Speed Pursuit Game

Plays: 80273
Category: Action
Welcome to your first day on The Force. You are now part of an elite team of Police Officers that's our only line of defense from the criminals keeping the city under siege with their violent crimes against our citizens. You and your team are our last hope. Be careful these criminals mingle with average law abiding citizens make sure to discern between friend and foe. Good luck and remember the city lies in your hands.
Play Annie LaHan Dress UpAnnie LaHan Dress Up Game

Plays: 28683
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up Annie LaHan for her rocking good night hanging out with her rehab buddies. Click and pick the various tops and bottoms, necklaces, hair, and other accessories onto Annie to dress her up and make her over to look her best during a night of playing in a cell! A probation good time!
Play DopewarsDopewars Game

Plays: 14243
Category: Puzzles
Dopewars is a classic game where your objective is to make as much money as you can .... by selling drugs.
Play Dope Gang XDDope Gang XD Game

Plays: 11777
Category: Adventure
Here comes the new age of dealing dopes. Build your own mafia, buy guns, survive the police, travel the world, buy businesses and expand your empire!
Play StreetPharmacistStreetPharmacist Game

Plays: 9585
Category: Adventure
A classic game of making money using your wits and patients.
Play PossessionPossession Game

Plays: 8400
Category: Action
Play as a widower who must sell drugs for survival in a new town, with the help of his cousin.
Play KirlyKirly's Swirly's Game

Plays: 7660
Category: Action
Trippy swirly pattern generator! Drugs not mandatory!
Play High Speed PursuitHigh Speed Pursuit Game

Plays: 6835
Category: Action
*Briefing: Welcome. being a police officer is not easy. your duty is to eliminate all the crime in this city, and don't shoot the innocent people ! once you fail to beat the crime, it's over !
Play Ski Runner 2Ski Runner 2 Game

Plays: 6490
Category: Action
Return to the blistering speeds of the slopes! Dodge trees, rocks, and yetis, but eat the pills to stay alive...beware the hallucinations. Upgrade your stats, unlock achievements, and stages!
Play Attack Of The Crack HeadsAttack Of The Crack Heads Game

Plays: 5184
Category: Action
The Local Crackheads are tired of your bad dope and decided to Revolt. Pop all the crackheads before they kick your ass.
Play Platform DruggyPlatform Druggy Game

Plays: 4825
Category: Adventure
You are a druggy in need of xtc get as many tablets as possible! you have infinitive lives and can submit your highscores at any time!
Play Freudian-Wars: Dream RebellionFreudian-Wars: Dream Rebellion Game

Plays: 4141
Category: Action
Sigmund Freud is trapped in a crazy dream. You, as the newest member of the Dream Rebellion have the assignment to help him escape his nightmare. Navigate Sigmund through 12 Stages of colourful cartoon madness, upgrade his abilities & special powers and earn trophies for your skillful playing. But beware, your enemys have powerful special shoots that can change your size and speed and let you bounce around like you were in a padded cell.
Play Save the SmokersSave the Smokers Game

Plays: 3723
Category: Puzzles
Save the smokers by throwing their cigarrets in the trash can!
Play Chronicles of RaynorChronicles of Raynor Game

Plays: 3589
Category: Action
Fight your way against waves of attacking soldiers in this action side scroll shooter game. Collect the bullets to reload your weapons, the drugs to restore your health, and be careful of mines.
Play Crazy Hangover 3Crazy Hangover 3 Game

Plays: 2426
Category: Adventure
What do you get when you mix an arrogant lead singer of a rock band, lots of booze, plenty of fans and a deserted farm? Play this ridiculous adventure and find out what happened during this crazy party.
Play Fruit DayFruit Day Game

Plays: 2262
Category: Action
Hey! Would you like some fruit?
Play Robo RevoltRobo Revolt Game

Plays: 1973
Category: Action
Fight your way against waves of attacking robots in this action side scroll shooter game. Collect the bullets to reload your weapons, the drugs to restore your health, and be careful of mines.

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