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Online castle defense Games
Play Fast Castle DefenseFast Castle Defense Game

Plays: 123386
Category: Strategy
In this game there will be a castle and a road leading to the castle. Enemies will pass through the roads to attack the castle. You lost the game if the castle is destroyed. You need to buy cannons to shoot the enemies to stop them from attacking the castle. When you destroy an enemy, you will get extra money to buy more cannons. When the game progresses, there will be more and more enemies and they will become stronger and stronger. There are a total of 10 levels.
Play GaddyGaddy's Castle Defense Game

Plays: 21416
Category: Other
Castle Defense is a real time strategy game, free and directly playable in your browser: neither installation nor account creation is required. Build walls, fire at the ennemies with your archers and hold your positions: you have to defend at all cost your main tower against the ennemis attacks
Play Castle TDCastle TD Game

Plays: 19234
Category: Strategy
Defend your castle from 30 waves of enemy attackers. Complete the game to gain access to the Packed factory where you can create your own TD games. Play more tower defence games at
Play Line Tower WarsLine Tower Wars Game

Plays: 10149
Category: BoardGame
A tower defense game inspired by the player-created series of Starcraft and Warcraft maps "Line Tower Wars." Play against 4 other CPU opponents and achieve a top ten score!
Play Sandcastle: ancient invasionSandcastle: ancient invasion Game

Plays: 9172
Category: Shooting
Defend your kingdom from the invading mythological ships! Collect coins to buy bananas, plasticine and other crazy weapons. Transform your medieval castle into cans launcher or use ordinary rocks cannon to sunk all enemies. Win all battles as fast as you can and reach place in highscore!
Play RavineRavine Game

Plays: 9046
Category: Strategy
Save your nation from destruction by completing a series of defense missions. Strategically build towers to eliminate waves of enemy soldiers before they destroy your castle. As you progress, new towers become available for you to build.
Play Bug Attack!!!Bug Attack!!! Game

Plays: 7432
Category: Fighting
Defend the castle by buying cannons to shoot the enemies.
Play Medieval Castle DefenseMedieval Castle Defense Game

Plays: 7353
Category: Fighting
Defend your castle against invaders and earn money and research new soldiers.
Play Legend Wars ~Castle DefenseLegend Wars ~Castle Defense Game

Plays: 7294
Category: Action
The great battle continue and become a legend wars Play this addicting castle defense new game play Include : - Contain 6 scenario - Each higher scenario have more difficulty - 15 hidden spoil of war to boost win the game - Reward for each scenario completed
Play Destroy The CastleDestroy The Castle Game

Plays: 5426
Category: Strategy
Nations are at war! Defend your nation by destroying every castle that stands in the way of your conquest. Victory is only a couple cannon upgrades away.
Play Monster Castle DefenseMonster Castle Defense Game

Plays: 5357
Category: Action
Protect your queen from the evil human army that wants to destroy her. Summon monsters, upgrade , evolve and create a powerfull army.
Play WarlandsWarlands Game

Plays: 4903
Category: Action
Create a kingdom, raise your own army, battle against other kingdoms and dominate the medieval world. The game can take a bit to show its preloader due to it's size (since the game has 10MB) just be patient and wait a bit ^^. Game features: * Fully customizable kingdom creadion - Choose skin color - Kingdom flag color - Kingdom Name - King Name - Units Height - Units Weight * 3 maps * Up to 14 enemies at the same time * Town and castles upgrades * Weapom, armor and stables stores in towns and castles * Fully customizable skills, equipment and stats of the kingdom units * 8 Spells to use in battle * 27 Diferent skills * 130 Armors * 59 Weapons * 7 Shields * 25 Horsers * A bit more... Developed by: Vabolt - Flash Games
Play Castle Defense (Facebook)Castle Defense (Facebook) Game

Plays: 4473
Category: Action
Buy cannons to defend the castle.
Play Plague of AlteraPlague of Altera Game

Plays: 4316
Category: Action
Defend your castle while attempting to destroy the enemy castle.
Play Wizard & WizardWizard & Wizard Game

Plays: 3734
Category: Action
Protect you magic castle from enemies in arcade-like defense game. You wizards may accumulate the energy to be able to upgrade the castle. Build additional towers, create crystals to improve wizards or towers might.
Play Castle DefenseCastle Defense Game

Plays: 3531
Category: Strategy
Build towers, walls, and buildings to hold off the hordes of rampaging crab-people! 15 upgrades, 5 buildings, and 5 towers.
Play Flash Empires 3Flash Empires 3 Game

Plays: 3443
Category: Shooting
Design your army, build your towers, and defend your castle. Strategically create an army of soldiers, archers, and more to prove yourself as the strongest empire.
Play Feudal Castle DefenseFeudal Castle Defense Game

Plays: 3132
Category: Action
Create archers, samurai, sumo, healers, ninjas, and more to defend the castle against the onslaught of zombies!
Play Peasant DefensePeasant Defense Game

Plays: 3021
Category: Action
Defend your castle from attacking peasants.
Play Shoplifter DefenceShoplifter Defence Game

Plays: 2797
Category: Action
Stop the shoplifters with an array of medieval weaponry that'll make their eyes water. And then some. Castle defense updated for the 21st century.

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